Thursday, June 23, 2016

Streets (1990)

Streets (1990)

Film Forum in NYC did a festival called Genre Is A Woman, where they showed many genre films directed by women.  Unfortunately, this fell at the same time as the Brian De Palma retrospective, so I did not get to see most of the 30+ films they showed.  Luckily I had already seen more than 5 of them, so I didn't miss as many as I could have.  Plus I did get a chance to see a couple, this being one of them.

Streets is a 1990 Christina Applegate film I had never heard of.  It was a pretty standard film, kids living on the street, the day to day struggles.  Added in for extra effect is a killer cop who seems to be a raving psychopath that somehow goes unnoticed by the force.  Christina runs afoul of him and pisses him off, so he hunts her down.  On her side she has a newly homeless kid trying to make it to Hollywood to become a rock star. 

Much of the film is actually well acted, and pretty accurate when it comes to life on the streets.  I have known many a homeless kid, and the issues she has were the same issues they had.  Though most of them were not hunted by a crazed cop. 

The film is sweet, cute, depressing and has some decent suspense and action in it.  I was a little surprised I had never heard of it at all, but some films just slip by you.  Christina Applegate gets closest to a nude scene in this one, some side boob and fondling done by the very lucky actor who plays alongside her. 

All in all I enjoyed this, 8 out of 10 stars.  I probably upped this a star just for my love of Christina!