Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bury Me An Angel (1972)

Bury Me An Angel (1972)

Another one of the movies shown during Film Forum's recent Genre Is A Woman series in NYC, this one is a movie I had never heard of.  A female written and directed biker exploitation film, whose plot revolves around the revenge of a sister who watched her brother get shot and killed. 

The main action happens in the first couple of minutes, setting up the film for the next 85 minutes of talking about revenge, planning revenge, and trying to execute said revenge.  Other than a lot of talking, there is camping, drinking, bar fighting, threatening, skinny dipping and love making.  Until the final climactic scene when out of nowhere, PLOT TWIST!!!!

The movie drags in a few places, and not a ton happens, but it is a fun film to watch and there is an appearance by Dan Haggerty, the star of The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams, a movie and TV show where he co-starred with a bear. 

There is of course some very typical 1970s nudity, and a soundtrack by a band that sound very much of its time.  There are also some nice anti-establishment themes running throughout this film.  Did I mention witchcraft as well? 

All in all, if you don't come in expecting too much, this movie is a fun little 90 minutes or so. 

7 out of 10 stars. 

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