Thursday, June 2, 2016

A movie a day keeps... very busy!  But seriously, what is a movie a day?  Well, over the past few years I have been seeing about 400 movies a year in theaters.  This is not just brand new releases, this includes midnight movies, oldies, retrospectives, experimental films, documentaries, foreign films, and all sorts of other movies.

Although I do not make it my goal to see one movie a day, by the end of the year the sum total ends up being around the 400 range, not counting the few I see at home on my computer.  A few years ago I started to rate all the movies I saw on IMDb, so I could more easily keep track of what I had seen, since it can be daunting and I can end up seeing movies twice without meaning to.  Also, with that volume of movie watching, you start to forget whether you like a film or not, as hard as that can be to believe.  I also read up on each film I see after I have seen it, usually on IMDb as well, in the trivia and goofs section, and some of the message boards and the like.

This past year I started writing on Quora and I found people were reviewing movies there as well, and I started doing the same.  I have reviewed over 50 now, maybe closer to 100, but I am not going to go there just to count for the hell of it.  I tend to mostly write spoiler free reviews, giving my opinion on the films, where it played, if the audience was into it, whatever comes to mind.  I am not trying to be a writer, I just write as I see fit, sometimes I ramble, sometimes I go off topic, sometimes I am cranky and mean.  But life isn't always pretty, and neither is my writing!

The plan is not to necessarily write one review a day, though if I can somehow keep up with my movie going schedule it will end up being about 400 reviews a year.  I may see 3 films in one day, and not see any for a week.  It all depends on my time, job, schedule and interest.  For the moment I am just going to start with what I am currently seeing, and will be putting these reviews on Quora as well, as I seem to have a bit of a following there.  I may start to add in reviews I wrote earlier on Quora, but I will mention that if I do.

The films I see run the gamut from the newest superhero movie to the most obscure B movie from a country you have never heard of from 50 years ago or more.  My tastes are odd, somewhat unpredictable, and all over the place.  I might love a completely stupid piece of shit no one likes and hate a blockbuster that the audiences and critics love.  Or maybe I will join in and love it as well.  I never know, I just write it how I feel.

At the moment I am not trying to promote this blog or do anything with it, just going to start it up and see if I want to keep going with it, or if I just want to stay with what I do on Quora, we will see.  Either way, let's see how this goes!